Whole Foods Market Windows Round Up 2019

We’ve had another fantastic year of creating Whole Foods Market windows for some wonderful brands. We are taking the opportunity to reflect on some of our favourites this year.

Deliciously Ella

2019 started with this window for Deliciously Ella created to display the plant based, vegan friendly products. The window was a lovely burst of colour on the Highstreet and really stood out in the drab January weather.


Ecover contacted us about creating their window display at whole foods market to launch their washing up liquid that is created using the waste products of beer, as a team of beer lovers we were intrigued to learn more! The window had the feel of a Pub, featuring bottles of the new washing up liquid displayed like glasses in a pub along with larger than life cut-outs of a washing up bottle and beer glass showing the main feature of the product. This window was great for causing people to do a double take and really take notice of the product.

Tony’s Chocolonely

We are fortunate to have worked with Tony’s Chocolonely both for their launch window and again later in 2019 with the launch of a new flavour. Both windows were great attention grabbers. For their launch early in 2019 Tony’s commissioned us to create a larger than life chocolate display, we crafted a gigantic chocolate bar that drew attention to the brand helping to make their launch in the UK really impactful.

Tony’s contacted us later in the year to create this dancing
chocolate bar to help launch their latest popping flavour. The window included
a dancing larger than life chocolate bar that caught the eye of those passing. Meanwhile
at Graphic Mill HQ we were all salivating about the idea of a real gigantic chocolate

Rude Health

Rude Health have worked with Graphic Mill previously on Whole Foods Market windows. 2019 saw another beautiful addition to these. We worked together to produce this vibrant window display that had the feel of a coffee shop. Launching the Barrista milk alternative options that Rude Health had recently released. The best part about this window for us was the feedback received, knowing that our customers were really pleased with the end result.

Rhythm 108

Rhythm 108 contacted us to create this window launching in Whole Foods, featuring larger than life versions of their products shouting about their dietary inclusive treats. We really enjoyed working with Rhythm 108 to create the window giving a big first impression of their swiss made brand. We knew the window was a big milestone for them. And were privilege to be able to help make their dreams a reality.

If you would like to find out more about our Wholefoods Market Windows download our free Whole Foods Window Cost Template.  Or take a look at some of our previous case studies here.

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