Creating a professional shell scheme stand ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Whether new to trade shows, or a seasoned exhibitor, shell scheme stands can provide a suitable solution to all exhibitors across many industries. Shell scheme stands have the potential to provide an affordable yet impactful means of shining a light on your brand and product or service. 

This said, the impression you make is only as good as your stand, and thatโ€™s where Graphic Mill and our years of experience can help to level up your shell scheme. 

What is a shell scheme stand?

The most common type of exhibition stand, a shell scheme is essentially a space that is contained within an aluminium frame. Shell scheme stands come in a variety of dimensions, but are typically smaller than space only stands which as the name suggests, is simply a designated floor space from which you can build upon. As part of your shell scheme package, youโ€™re often provided with a wall structure, basic flooring and lighting. Extras may include an electrical supply and high speed internet access.

How can I make my shell scheme stand look professional?

It all starts with your walls.

A professional shell scheme wall structure from Graphic Mill will elevate your stand above the budget framework you find from online retailers which can be unstable, example poorly printed graphics, and unable to meets the demands of travel and install over multiple trade shows. Our wall structure clips onto your shell scheme and supports our fabric graphics. These graphics stretch across the entirety of your walls, conveying seamless, crease-free visuals printed in brilliant clarity and vibrancy. The best thing is, these fabric graphics are designed to be used again and again, providing a great return on your investment! 

Branded counters

A counter is more than a piece of furniture. Itโ€™s often the first thing passers by see and where connections are made. We make shell scheme counters in all shapes and sizes, making them as visually impactful as they are functional. Not just a great means of displaying your product, we customise every one to reflect your brand, your logo, and the message you want to communicate. Turn heads with an illuminated logo, make a statement with hanging lighting, and introduce the feel of quality with a selection of real wood finishes. Making our counters as functional as possible, we can include lockable storage on the reverse or space for a small fridge to chill food and beverages. 

Update your flooring

Most shell scheme stand packages include basic carpet flooring. One of the easiest ways of elevating your stand is to have Graphic Mill fit a floor covering which better reflects your brand. Quick and affordable, we offer a huge range of vinyl and carpet options, allowing for various textures and aesthetics. From wood effect vinyl, to a sophisticated grey carpet, donโ€™t underestimate the impact an upgraded floor covering can make.  

Display your product or service

We at Graphic Mill specialise in drawing focus to the unique selling points of your product or service, helping to make your brand shine. Displaying what you do in the most functional and visually effective way is key to this. Introducing shelving to your shell scheme stand is possibly the easiest means of displaying your product at eye-level, and is especially impactful if complimented by the wall graphics behind it. If itโ€™s a service you provide, rolling footage or an interactive display on a wall mounted screen can be equally effective. These elements can all be hired from us. You can even send us your AV footage before the show so we can set it all up, allowing you to rock and roll on the day.

Consider a meeting area

If space allows it, a dedicated meeting area can provide a more comfortable means of hosting conversations and creating leads. With this in mind, Graphic Mill offer a range of options to help brands better connect with their clients. This can include quieter and more intimate seating areas, or more casual standing bars where coffee can be served and future relationships built. All furniture and even a coffee machine can be hired straight from us. 

Interactive elements

Using gamification is a great means of interacting with passers by, drawing them towards your stand and starting a conversation. It can be a way of visitors choosing or winning a free gift and ensuring they also gain a fun and memorable experience which will help your brand stick in their minds. Graphic Mill offer the hire of a host of different games such as arcade machines, fairground style games, or other interactive elements. We can even build something straight from your imagination! These custom touches can really elevate your shell scheme above the others around you.

As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to designing your shell scheme stand. Graphic Mill can design, build, install and de-rig your shell scheme stand, taking the stress off your shoulders and creating something youโ€™ll want to show off to clients new and old.

Posted by Miles Glazier-Hart

Account Handler / [email protected] / +447507686138