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Pulsin Exhibition Stand

Creating a stand with Pulsin that could be used time and again to engage with visitors


Balance Festival and subsequent events in 2019


Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Stand Build

The challenge

Creating an upgraded stand for Pulsin that was bigger and bolder than before and that could be used multiple times.

The result

A stand that screams fun as well as effectively promoting the brand at multiple events.

Pulsin – the award-winning manufacturers of premium protein powders, shakes and snack bars – had used us in the past for their exhibition stands.

This time, they got in touch with us about upgrading their exhibition stand to go even bigger and bolder for Balance Festival, an event dubbed the “hub of wellness”, as well as subsequent events over the year.

“Thanks you, Dan and the team at Graphic Mill, it was a pleasure working with you on our new exhibition stand. We had a brilliant show at Balance Festival, the stand looked amazing and got so much attention at the show.”

Sophie, Pulsin

The stand was crafted from wood to give a natural feel, while at the same time working within their budget. The client was delighted with features like the addition of practical storage solutions within the back wall of the stand, and a wider counter than Pulsin had used in the past.

The stand could also be reconfigured for future venues/shows, giving options to remove the prize wheel, shelves and/or include a fridge at future events. Our design also considered the overall area, creating as much space as possible for visitors, and enough room between where delegate details were taken on an iPad and the prize wheel itself.

Pulsin had an extremely successful show at Balance Festival and we’re currently storing the stand for use at their next events.