A Proper job for Lunch! Exhibition 2019

Helping Proper Chips launch at Lunch!

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Lunch! Exhibition 2019


Stand Design
Large Format Print
Modular Exhibition Stnad

The challenge

To create a re-useable stand that showcased the new Proper Chips branding, and to create innovative sample dispensers.

The result

A bright, bold stand that created great attention at Lunch!

We worked with Proper previously to create their exhibition stand for Proper Corn for Lunch in 2018 and subsequent smaller portable events.

This year Proper launched Proper Chips and wanted a new exhibition stand to reflect their new product. We were thrilled to work with them again to design, build and deliver the new stand for Proper Chips. The stand needed to be used at portable events and set up by the team as well as having the ability to expand to create a big stand for their once a year show at Lunch!

The stand needed to have a feel of a โ€˜Walk-Thruโ€™ and be bright and colourful reflecting the packaging of the Proper Chips.

Proper Chips Lunch Exhibition Stand

Working with the Proper design team, we helped develop the stand using their creative artwork design. We created a solution to the build of the stand and provided 3D visuals to show how the artwork would look on the stand. The intended feel of the stand was to create a โ€˜walk-thruโ€™ similar to the buying process at Mc Donalds.

For this stand we had to create a dispenser that would dispense the Proper Chips crisps which are triangular in shape and there was not a dispenser available off the shelf that would work for these, so we worked with out in house team to create something that would effectively dispense the triangular shaped crisps.

We had 4 months from start to finish on this project we offered 3D design, Project Management, Print, Custom Build, Install, Furniture Hire and De-Rig.

This stand was created using Aluvision using a combination of Proper Corn kit and Graphic Mill kit on the larger stand. The stand created was unique with the specially designed dispensers.