A colourful shell scheme for The Food Doctor at Lunch! Show πŸ₯œ

A punchy and handcrafted shell scheme stand to launch The Food Doctor’s new range of super snacks at Lunch! Show.

The Food Doctor

Lunch! Show 2019


Shell Scheme Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Fabrication

The challenge

To design a bold and colourful range of product displays for The Food Doctor’s shell scheme.

The result

Handcrafted display furniture, including lightboxes, peg board shelving and a product dispenser, highlighting the whole range of new products.

When we were approached by the team at The Food Doctor to help launch their new range of super snack products at Lunch! show, we were very happy to help! We have a lot of experience working with start-up food brands and Lunch! is one of favourite shows of the year!

The aim of the shell scheme exhibition stand was be bright and modern, presenting their products in a cool and innovative way – and that’s what we delivered!

Food Doctor Shell Scheme Stand Desgin

We had a three-month timeframe to design, build and deliver their stand, and we used this time to iron out the finer details and ensure the elements worked together with maximum impact. We worked with the design agency B&B Studio to develop the concepts.

We provided The Food Doctor with the full range of our shell scheme exhibition stand services, including design, project management, custom build, and installation. We pre-built the stand in our facility to ensure that all the elements were finished to our usual high standard.

Food Doctor at Lunch 2019

The exhibition stand was designed with reusability in mind which was great for saving budget for future shows whilst also being environmentally responsible. The display elements included a product dispenser for stand visitors to sample snacks, logo lightboxes and an adjustable pegboard shelving unit.

The stand backwall perimeter was constructed with Foamex graphics attached directly the shell scheme structure. A reception counter at the front of the stand provided a base for staff, with secure storage for possessions and giveaways.

The Food Doctor stand looked amazing, and drew in the show visitors with it’s punchy graphics and range of snacks on offer. The team had a successful show and we look forward to working with them again.