A huge, illuminated spinning prize wheel for Pulsin at Balance โœจ

A truly special space for Pulsin, with a massive colourful spinning prize wheel that could be reused time and time again


Balance Festival 2019


Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Stand Build

The challenge

To create an eye-catching spinning prize wheel backwall to engage visitors.

The result

A truly exceptional exhibition stand that draws in show visitors with its pulsing lights, sheer colourfulness, and the scale of the spinning prize wheel.

We’ve worked with Pulsin on the events spaces now for many years, and we were excited when they got in touch again about Balance Festival.

This year the team wanted to create something special, a huge backwall with an embedded spinning prize wheel that pulsed with lights when the wheel was spun. Well, the Graphic Mill team love a challenge, so we set about creating a solution!

โ€œThank you, Dan and the team at Graphic Mill, it was a pleasure working with you on our new exhibition stand. We had a brilliant show at Balance Festival, the stand looked amazing and got so much attention at the show.โ€

Sophie, Pulsin

The backwall was designed in CAD and then hand finished from a variety of different wood stocks to create a solution that could split into multiple parts. This was for ease-of-transport and also to bring the weight down.

The wall was clad in printed graphics, and the spinning prize wheel mechanism was devised to set off the pulsing lights. The wheel was set into tiers, each having their own lights. We also built storage into the backwall, providing a handing place to store stock and giveaways.

For the stand at Balance, we created a branded, lockable counter for storing staff belongings, and an iPad podium for further visitor engagement and viewing the full Pulsin range online.

Pulsin were very happy with their special spinning prize wheel, and it went down a treat at Balance Festival, becoming the talk of the show. We’ve already taken it out to other events for Pulsin, and we look forward to seeing it out again in future!