Graphic Mill: the ultimate design and build resource for creative agencies 🫶

At Graphic Mill, we always cherish the relationships built with creative agencies. We have years of experience working with creative agencies and building trust through meeting the exacting requirements of their clients.

On some projects, agencies want a high level of involvement, acting as the middle-person to help manage the project at all stages. On others, we work directly with their client to free up the agency’s time. An Account Manager and Operations Manager will always been assigned to each job, overseeing the design and build, ensuring that the agency and / or client will have a consistent contact they can rely upon for easy and affective communication.

Agencies can benefit from our free-of-charge ’white-labelling’ service. This sees us working under their name and brand, and us acting as an extension of their business. It’s another example of how we can be as present or discreet as necessary in the minds of the agency’s client.

Graphic Mill benefits from owning an in-house print and fabrication workshop. This allows us to produce short run or individual items with a fast turn-around time. We also have relationships with a large network of industry manufacturers which we can call upon for those more unusual and bespoke builds.

Our experienced design team are accustomed to working to all manner of budgets for design and build projects. Whether an agency provides just the seed of an idea, or a fully expanded design concept, we are able to offer a build solution which works for everyone involved.

At every stage of the process, we look to take stress off the shoulders of our clients. One way we achieve this is by providing artwork templates. If an agency or their client needs to provide artwork for a given asset, we’ll send over a template file which contains elements already correctly sized, allowing them to easily apply what they need to. We can also utilise our design team to provide a service which sees us create the graphics, cutting out the need for the agency or their client to get involved other than signing off what we’ve created.

One final thing that agencies love about working with Graphic Mill, is the variety of product we can design and build for them. Designing, building and installing exhibition stands across the UK and Europe is what we’re best known for, in addition though, we also enjoy producing window displays, imaginative OOH activations, event branding, oversized 3D products, and a variety of bespoke builds!