Infosecurity Europe Exhibition Stands Recap 🤖

Fresh off the back of another successful showing at Infosecurity Europe 2023, we’re thrilled to share a few images of some of our stands. As always, we worked closely with our clients to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a platform for them to truly maximise their budgets and convey their message to the widest possible audience.

Next DLP was a stand that certainly packed a punch at Infosecurity Europe. It was primarily a presentation and demo space to educate the public in the company’s services. We installed a raised staging area for regular presentations, complete with comfortable seating and a professional PA system. We also set up demo stations with screens and keyboard / mouse shelves. What really helped this one stand though, was the illuminated counter and wall logo, which along with the strong brand colours, made for an aesthetic dream!

Netacea demanded a stand at Infosecurity Europe that required comfortable meeting areas, demo screens and a walk-in storage room. An ‘up and over’ architectural element created a more intimate feel, whilst the carpet and live plants warmed up a stand that managed to brilliantly balance space and visual impact. You can also see how our professional wall lights make a huge difference to the richness of the graphics. They really do a fantastic job of making the graphics pop and the stand impress over others in close proximity which only rely on the dim and uneven ceiling lighting of the venue.

Mazebolt benefitted from a stand at Infosecurity Europe which exampled simplicity and accuracy of execution. It turned into a perfect example of how just a few simple elements, if produced and installed to a high level, can punch above its weight. We were particularly proud of their back illuminated wall logo which created a halo effect to compliment the company’s tech branding.

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