How to increase your lead generation at trade shows 📈

When committing a large part of your marketing budget to a trade show, you want to ensure that the potential of your ROI is realised by maximising your lead generation. Below, we’ve compiled a few ways in which you can increase your lead generation at your next show.

Hire a barcode scanner

A simple and hassle-free means of capturing information is essential for exploiting lead opportunities. Many of the larger exhibition venues will offer exhibitors the rental of a barcode scanner. This device allows you to scan a barcode which each visitor has displayed on their visitor pass. This automatically provides you with their contact details to use after the event. It’s sure quicker than asking client to fill out a contact form!

Train your current staff or hire sales representatives

You can exhibit the best product or service in the world, and purchase the best stand at the show, but if your event team aren’t properly prepped, you’re not going to make the impression you want. Before the show, make a clear decision on the message, tone of voice and sales approach you want your team to adopt. Do you want them to be proactive in drawing visitors to your stand, or for them to adopt a more relaxed approach? Should they take on a high-energy demeanour, or a slightly more reserved and professional manner? Discussing these questions prior to the show can really help ensure that your brand is accurately represented, and a better quality of lead is drawn to your stand. Consider also hiring specialist sales reps for the duration of your show. Once armed with a bit of product knowledge, you can let them loose on your stand and let their experience and sales know-how generate leads whilst you monitor progress in the background.

Meeting areas on your stand

If your product or service can be better understood by holding conversations with potential leads, talk to your stand designer about incorporating a dedicated meeting area into your stand. At Graphic Mill, we understand that a stand needs to be as functional as it is attractive. This is why we offer a range of options to help brands better connect with their clients. This can include quieter and more intimate seating areas, or more casual standing bars where coffee can be served and future relationships built.

Regular presentations to draw a crowd

There’s nothing like a crowded stand to generate interest. By conducting hourly presentations to detail your product or service, you can create intrigue, anticipation, and expose your brand to a larger audience than you might if trying to peak the interest of one visitor at a time. Graphic Mill can help to provide everything you need to make this happen – on your stand, we’ll build a raised stage so you’re seen, professional PA system so you’re clearly heard, and seating area so your audience are comfortable.

Incentives and giveaways

At most trade shows, you can’t move for free water bottles, note books, tote bags and sweet treats. Harnessing the power of the free has always been a cheap but effective way of incentivising visitors to interact with your stand. Being able to offer something to passers by can also be a great conversation starter and potential lead generator. Introducing games, from spin-the-wheels, arcade machines and fairground games such as whack-a-mole, can also be a great tool to draw attention to your stand and give visitors a memorable experience to help your brand stay at the forefront of their minds. Such games and interactive experiences can all be built or hired straight from Graphic Mill. Check out our guide to the best giveaways for your exhibition stand.

Find the best way of demoing your service or product

This is an obvious yet often overlooked consideration. Think about how you’re going to best show visitors what it is that makes your product or service worth investing in. At Graphic Mill, we specialise in drawing a focus to your unique selling points and helping to make your brand shine. This may be through the use of interactive AV, beautifully lit displays, demo stations, or any number of other creative solutions.