Hanging Banners – the best kept secret to increase traffic to your exhibition stand 🎈

Clients frequently come to us for advice on what elements of their exhibition stand provides the best return on their investment. Whilst we always promote the idea of first focussing on the basics of your stand, the next step to elevate your stand above the competition is to consider introducing a hanging banner.

What is a hanging banner?

Hanging banners come in all shapes and sizes. They can features your custom branding, and act as a fantastic way of your presence at the show being seen from all corners of the venue.

When choosing your hanging banner, it’s worth considering the product you’re promoting and how the banner can link to it. For example, a brand selling their beverage in a round can might want a cylindrical banner, whereas a cuboid banner might be better suited to the sleek branding of a tech company.

Another consideration is that banners are suspended in the dark ceiling, so lighter colours and even internal illumination can help the hanging banner pop and become a beacon straight to your exhibition stand.

You don’t have to stop at the banner itself. Underneath your banner you might consider hanging a further element such as an oversized 3D mockup of your product or some key messaging.

What should I put on my hanging banner?

You’ll first want to decide whether to convey your logo, a message, an image, or all of the above! The benefit of a cuboid banner is that you have multiple surfaces to work with. If your logo lends itself to being enlarged, this clear form of brand identity often wields the best results. If your branding is more subtle, it might be worth making tweaks to your usual colour palette to create a banner that can’t be overlooked. Certainly bright, punchy colours are the most effective, but also consider whether you want your banner internally illuminated. Lighter colours which are lit will truly stand out against the dark ceiling of your exhibition hall, whereas a darker palette can risk getting lost in the darkness. Also, if you want to convey a message, keep it super short, allowing the text to be as large and legible as possible. Less is often more when it comes to branding hanging banners.

How can I get a hanging banner?

We have a wide range of different hanging banner shapes and sizes for rental here at Graphic Mill.

It’s worth noting that each venue has different rules on hanging assets above your stand, and nearly all of them will charge a rigging fee. That said, we are always happy to work directly with the venue to submit the relevant paperwork and work their costs into your invoice, making for a smooth and hassle-free process.