Our Top 5 Reusable Exhibition Stand Ideas 2023 ♻️

Custom modular and reusable exhibition stands look fantastic, bring down the costs of exhibiting at future shows, and are environmentally responsible.  Here’s our top exhibition stand ideas for designing your stand with reusability in mind in 2023.

Reusing the stand at multiple shows

Netacea Infosec 23 Exhibition Stand Ideas

We have an easy solution for reusable exhibition stands. We stock a range of modular Aluvision framework for rental that looks great, provides a strong and sturdy structure, and can be reconfigured to almost any stand size and layout.

Exhibition Stand Install 2 People

By using environmental-friendly aluminium frames for your stand walls and clever planning in the design stage, graphics can be reused and adjusted into different size spaces. It’s then simply a case of placing your other stand elements around the space.

Proper Lunch Trade Show Stand

Our designers excel in creating display solutions that look great and are durable, ensuring they last show after show. One of our top exhibition stand ideas to increase the lifespan of your kit is to consider how it’s being protected during transit to and from the event. We make sure that all of our equipment is wrapped carefully or has its own flight case or protective box before we load it for an exhibition.

Strong visual impact with reusable kit

Ugly at Lunch

We’ve made a lot of observations over the years on how to make a strong visual impact with a reusable exhibition stand. Spaces that are meticulously planned and designed are often the ones that get the most attention at a show, so the way a stand looks is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of exhibiting.

Well & Truly at Lunch

We believe the best stands have a hero display feature that is the central focal point of the stand. This could be a huge lightbox logo, or a beautiful handcrafted counter, by having one particular element that looks fantastic, you create a talking point that sticks in the mind of a show visitor long after the event has finished. Often, our clients will reuse these elements in their offices or for future activations in retail or roadshows.

White Exhibition Stand Lunch - Gimber

There are lots of ways to create a visually outstanding space, but one of the most important has to be lighting. Most show halls can be quite dark so by illuminating your stand, you draw attention to your branding and all of your display elements. We use a combination of elegant downlights for the walls and flood lights for the floor layout to create a bright and punchy space.

Eye-catching reusable display elements

Bells and Whistles Exhibition Stand Lunch 2019

Some of the most common display elements that are used on exhibition stands are counters, podiums and bar tables. These are all tried and tested furnishings that are useful as meeting spaces, for storage and for demoing or sampling products. Digital screens with looping video or laptop input are also a common feature that provide constant interaction.

Tribe Spinning Wheel

If you want to push your stand to the next level, there are lots of options to consider to draw in show visitors. To create a buzz on your stand, you might consider including a prize spinner wheel or some form of game to break the ice. We’ve created all sorts over the years from low-cost corn bag games to loud plinko droppers, to basketball hoops to full-on amusement arcade attractions.

Next DLP InfoSec Demo Station

Having space allocated for meetings is important, and we’re seeing a trend towards the informal, with sofas and coffee tables. By using soft furnishings, you can create a comfortable space that helps to keep the conversation rolling, and why not consider a coffee machine for drinks? For private meetings, you could consider a dedicated room or using semi-private baffles (such as fins) to screen off the rest of the world.

egym elevate exhibition stand

We’re seeing a lot of wooden clad walling trending in our current designs, so one of our best exhibition stand ideas for this is to use tension fabric graphics, printed with a realistic wood texture. Using this approach, logistical and manufacturing costs are reduced, environmental impact is much lower, and most people didn’t realise the difference! The fabrics also fold up to a small footprint saving on storage costs.

Aire Logic Illuminated Cog Lightbox

The effect can be applied to perimeter walls and to counters, and we recommend using a stock texture repository like Textures.com to find a realistic texture for your artwork. We’ve used this technique for printed brick walls, wooden panels and marble effects in the past.

Digital Content Solutions

Mazebolt Info Security InfoSec 2023 Trade Show Stand

Adding screens to an exhibition stand is a must in 2023 as they are useful in so many ways. Used for looping video content, they can provide an easy and inexpensive way to engage visitors in the space. They are essential for software demonstrations and often, the larger the screen, the better. We can provide AV solutions where you simply plug your laptop in and away you go, though we do recommend you test beforehand to prevent any mishaps on the day.

Rather than bringing stacks of handouts, you could consider a QR code on your stand or product catalogues on iPads. These provide a more environmentally friendly way to present your literature and lowers your costs on giveaway stock and logistics.

Storage after the show

A key part of the planning process is what happens to the stand after the show. Your reusable elements such as counters or custom furniture can be stored at our secure facility for a monthly fee, or they can be taken away and used at your office or stored in your own warehouse.

Café-Style exhibition stand

If you plan on using the equipment at multiple shows, leaving it with us to store makes a lot of sense as we provide logistic services to and from future events that you’re attending. As part of our storage service, we ensure that the event furniture is kept in tip-top shape, and we fix up any reasonable blemishes after the show.

Reusable Exhibition Stand Ideas Key Takeaways

To recap, here are the key takeaways for our best reusable exhibition stand ideas:

  • Creating a custom modular exhibition stand that can be reconfigured for future shows will save on your budget and is an environmentally-responsible way to exhibit.
  • Make a strong visual impact with hero display features and a smart use of lighting.
  • Consider what you’re aiming to achieve at the show and base your stand furniture on what you require. Do you need a sit down meeting space, or will a counter meet your needs?
  • Wrapping your furniture or using cases will prevent damage during transport and increase the lifespan of your kit.
  • Can your exhibition furniture be reused in your office or at other activations?

We hope that this article has provided some insight creating an outstanding reusable exhibition stand! For more exhibition stand ideas and further information, check out our showcase, or get in touch for a free stand consultation.

Posted by Miles Glazier-Hart

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