Lunch! Show Stand Recap 2022

Back again with one of the highlights of our year, Lunch! Show 2022 blew it out of the park with a vast assortment of the best new and established food brands alike. This year was particularly jam-packed for us at Graphic Mill; we designed and delivered a record number of colourful and creative stands for the show.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, let’s recap on some of our favourites…

Table of Contents

  1. Moju – Space Only stand
  2. Rheal – Space Only stand
  3. Califia – Space Only stand
  4. Unrooted Drinks – Space Only stand
  5. Rude Health – Space Only stand
  6. Rhythm 108 – Space Only stand
  7. Daily Dose – Shell Scheme stand
  8. Days Brewing – Shell Scheme stand
  9. Cheesies – Space Only stand
  10. Tribe – Space Only stand
  11. BONUS – Candy Kittens amnesty box

1. Moju – Space Only Stand

Both bold in colour and playful in nature, Moju’s stand at Lunch! show was a huge success. Striking printed backwall graphics made the stand pop and a basketball net added buzz to the whole surrounding area. A branded box suspended in the ceiling above the stand beamed the Moju logo across the show becoming a way finder for visitors. The counter provided a perfect base for sampling and there was even extra storage around the back of the stand.

2. Rheal – Space Only Stand

Another brilliant space which brimmed with eye-catching visual elements was the Rheal stand. Featuring a giant product bar attached to a branded box in the ceiling, a beautiful museum-piece counter lined with Rheal bars, and a huge graphic lightbox, it’s easy to see why the stand was a big hit at Lunch! show. Open and inviting, Rheal’s stand had multiple counters for greeting visitors and sampling, and the tall branded backwall doubled as secure storage for extra giveaway stock.

3. Califia Farms – Space Only Stand

A vibrant and bright stand for Califia, exhibiting their extensive range of barista and consumer products. The space was designed with multiple areas in mind; one for chilled sampling, one for coffee samples, and an area for sit-down conversation. With its illuminated bottle feature, 3d lettering, and punchy backwall graphics, the stand drew in the crowds and was a successful social environment.

4. Unrooted Drinks – Space Only Stand

Showcasing their range of baobab boosted supershots, Unrooted’s stand at Lunch! Show was bustling with colour, product, and display features. The eye-catching backwall was lined with rustic display crates, and fruit-bearing Miranda’s head overshot the top of the stand. The bespoke cart counter welcomed visitors to the stand and the bench seating provided the perfect space for informal chats.

5. Rude Health – Space Only Stand

A colourful and bright space, Rude Health’s stand highlights their diverse Barista range of milk alternatives. With its illuminated counter logo, bold backwall graphics and coffee sampling machine, their stand proves to be a success time after time, and it will be installed again later this year at Manchester Coffee Festival.

6. Rhythm 108 – Space Only Stand

A beautiful, hand-crafted stand with Swiss cabin vibes, the Rhythm 108 space is one of the most unique throughout the show hall. With a custom-built counter to welcome show visitors, a window out to the Swiss alps, and 3d lettering on the backwall, this stand was built with love and with an attention to the little details.

7. Daily Dose – Shell Scheme Stand

A new customer to Graphic Mill, Daily Dose’s shell scheme stand looked grea with its large sampling bar, seamless backwall graphic, and branded fridge. A simple stand that had a lot of impact and a clear focus on product.

8. Days Brewing – Shell Scheme Stand

Pushing the boundaries of a shell scheme space, the Days Brewing stand breathed its warehouse atmosphere through clever graphics, bespoke sampling counters, and display props. The counters were designed for indoor and outdoor use, and feature neon-like light bars to illuminate the stand.

9. Cheesies – Space Only Stand

A fabulously colourful stand for Cheesies at Lunch! Show, with bold visual elements and great branding. We have to start with the giant lips on the counter – these were as big as we could make them and are quite the sight in real life! Other highlights include the illuminated logo sat on top of the stand, and some bright and punchy backwall graphics. The stand also features a hidden storage area around the back.

10. Tribe – Space Only Stand

Tribe returned to Lunch! show with a vibrant and open space, featuring sampling podiums, a spinning prize wheel and a huge Tribe logo on top of the backwall. The stand is both inviting and social, encouraging visitors to come and chat, and maybe win a prize too!

Bonus: Candy Kittens sweet amnesty box

We loved working on this awesome amnesty box for Candy Kittens. Place your “nasty” sweets into the box, press the light up button and get some Candy Kittens instead! Built to the Graphic Mill high finish quality and designing to split down onto a pallet easily, we look forward to seeing it used again next time!