A slam-dunk Moju exhibition stand at Lunch! Show 2022 πŸ€

A bold and colourful Moju exhibition stand with an emphasis on interaction and sampling of their range of daily shots.


Lunch! Show 2022


Modular Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Fabrication

The challenge

To create a welcoming space that generated a buzz at the show, and provide plenty of storage for the large variety of Moju chilled product.

The result

A bright and eye-catching stand with a basketball game, a ceiling-suspending branding box, and colourful backwall graphics to draw in the crowds.

Moju are a purveyor of healthy (and often fiery) cold-press shots that are created to provide a positive impact on your body. We’ve worked with them in the past and for Lunch! Show 2022, they wanted a new Moju exhibition stand concept that stood apart from the other brands.

The layout of the stand was designed to be open and inviting, creating 2 distinct zones, one for shooting hoops and one for sampling product. The 3 metre tall walls provided an excellent backdrop for their punchy graphics, and a bespoke-built counter was the perfect base for welcoming show visitors to the stand.

β€œWorking with Graphic Mill made our trade show prep and planning a breeze. From our initial chats and ideas all the way through to the delivered product.

Professional, on time and friendly. The dream.”

Shane, MOJU

One of the most effective elements of the stand was the basketball hoop. Not only creating a fun interactive experience for stand visitors, the motion and noise of the game was noticeable all around the surrounding areas, creating a buzz around the stand. The hoop backboard was custom branded, and detailed artwork templates were provided to the team so they could design their graphics around the hoop placement.

A branding box suspended 6 metres up in the air above the stand beamed the Moju logo across the show and became an effective way finder for visitors. The punchy and bright branding on the box stood out against the dark ceiling and was further enhanced by flood lights directed towards the underside.

The stand structure was built using our range of environmentally responsible aluminium framework. These modular frames are strong, sturdy and easily reconfigurable, allowing for quick layout changes during the design process.

Our design team created a 3D model of the stand which enabled us to communicate how the space would come together. Through this, we could make changes quickly and generate realistic visualisations of the stand. We provided artworking templates for all the branded components in the space, allowing the Moju design team to mould the space into their own.

Once the design was finalised, our project team completed all the required documentation which included RAMS statements and drawings for the organisers. This made the process for the client much easier as we utilise our years of exhibitions experience to get the job done. To ensure our usual high level of finish, we fully pre-built the Moju exhibition stand before the show.

Moju were thrilled with their new stand at Lunch! Show, especially the high-level branding box and basketball game, and the team had a great time exhibiting. We look forward to working with Moju again!