A stunning and colourful HRC exhibition stand for Oranka 🍊

Promoting Oranka’s range of products with a theme of sustainability with an exceptional HRC exhibition stand for 2020.

Oranka Juice Solutions

HRC Show 2020


Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Fabrication

The challenge

To create a fun, colourful and engaging space that could convert to a party space in the evening.

The result

A spectacular HRC exhibition stand with plenty of custom, eye-catching elements, high level branding and a crafted bar area.

We’ve worked with Oranka for many years, providing the design and build of their hotel hydration station displays. We were delighted when they approached us to design their stand at HRC 2020.

For their HRC exhibition stand, the team at Oranka wanted a space that was highly social, with a bar that converted into a party area once the show was over. They were also very keen to make the stand as special and engaging as possible, and having seen some of our window displays in Whole Foods Market, the team wanted to replicate that punch on their stand.

hrc show

Another important message was the low environmental impact of the Oranka product. To iterate this point to stand visitors, we had a a huge inflatable earth made with a printed message, that was then suspended from above the stand. From a stand build perspective, we ensured that recyclable materials were used to clad the stand as well as using our range of environmentally responsible Aluvision frames to create the stand structure.

Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo

There were many elements involved in the Oranka exhibition stand and each needed to be carefully designed and produced. We were fortunate to work with Oranka from 2019 on the stand, giving us 9 months to plan the stand and be sure that it would have the most possible impact through all of the different elements.

A big feature of this stand was the VIP bar that served Oranka juices during the day and used as a cocktail bar in the evening. It was important that the VIP bar on their HRC exhibition stand looked as premium as possible, featuring special copper-effect cladding, plenty of illumination and a built-in champagne cooler. The bar menu was designed to switch quickly for the transition from day café to evening party.

The counters around the stand featured embedded down lighting that made the Oranka logo pop and adding to the high quality hotel feel of the space.

The final result was really special. The stand featured gigantic versions of their products, including their juice cubes and bottles, highlighting their 100% recycled plastic solutions. These were all created from lightweight and easy-to-recycle printed cardboard, creating a strong visual impact that was also environmentally responsible.

The roped off VIP area gave a sense of exclusivity allowing visitors to the stand to sit and sample the juices and cocktails as well as providing a space to hold meetings. The stand also featured a rigged branded sub box allowing all the show visitors to easily find Oranka in the exhibition hall.

hrc show

As part of our design service, we created a full 3D model of the stand in our CAD software, working from concept to final delivery of the stand. Realistic visuals for the client, technical drawings for the organisers, and artworking templates were all generated through the model, all of which could be updated as the project advanced.

Our project management team submitted stand plans and risk assessment method statements as required by the show organisers, keeping everything as easy as possible for the Oranka team. Once the final design was signed off, the bespoke elements were produced and the stand was pre-built in our facility to ensure a smooth running on the build day.

The stand was built successfully in Olympia and Oranka were ecstatic about their HRC exhibition stand. We look forward to working with them again!