How Does The Exhibition Stand Design Process Work?

At Graphic Mill, we live and breathe live events. With years of experience, our team know the ins-and-outs of what makes a great exhibition stand. So how does the exhibition design process work and how do we design impactful stands? Let’s take a look.

Concept Stage

We kick off the process with a consultation to discuss the client’s goals for the exhibition, their past experiences, and brand ambitions. Once we have this information, it’s briefed into our design team who get to work on creating a draft design. Usually at this stage a client will provide brand guidelines, or we use assets from the company website.

This is the fun part where the only limit is our imagination! Clients will often have an idea of what they would like included, such as storage or meeting areas, and utilising our experience we add in elements that will enhance the stand and draw in the crowds. We define a working layout and visitor flow for the space.

The designs are created in our 3D modelling software, which we can then generate stand visuals and layout drawings to provide to the client in a presentation pack.

Development Stage

Once the client has reviewed the draft design, our designers make tweaks based on any feedback received. At this stage we also refine the branding and messaging on the stand, either using our in-house design team or providing artwork templates to the client. We further prepare the 3D stand model to ensure everything is ready to go for the production stage.

We then create a final set of photorealistic stand visuals to give a real impression of the stand. We can also create augmented reality (AR) models of the space to experience the stand in a 1:1 scale through a mobile phone. This is then sent through to the client for sign-off before production begins.

HETT Show Exhibition Stand

Production Stage

The final part of the design process, our exhibition stand designers create detailed plans and technical drawings for the production team to make the stand. Every element is considered, from custom woodwork to modular aluminium structure, to ensure the stand installation runs as smoothly as possible on the day. Our stands are pre-built in our facility with oversight from the design team.