A colourful stand for 5th Season at Lunch! Show 2021 🍌

Professional 5th Season at Lunch

Showcasing 5th Season, the fruit snack without the fuss, with a colourful new stand at Lunch! Show.

5th Season Fruit

Lunch! Show


Stand Design
Large Format Print
Custom Fabrication

The challenge

To design a punchy stand with an interactive feature within a 3m x 2m footprint at Lunch! Show ExCel.

The result

A fresh exhibition stand with custom woodwork and a fun plinko game to draw in show visitors.

Working with 5th Season, we designed, built and installed their stand at this years Lunch! Show at ExCel in London. The aim was to showcase their new range of fruit snacks and utilise the colourful branding to create an eye-catching stand.

Another requirement was to gamify the stand and create an interactive element to help break the ice with show visitors and create a buzz around the space. We achieved this with a custom-made plinko game, with visitors winning prizes based on a token drop. The game was branded with a printed background and personalised logo tokens. It created a satisfying “plink” noise as the tokens hit the pins, again creating more interest in the experience.

lunch! show stands

The team at 5th Season provided us with their brand assets to work with, allowing us to fully understand the brand direction and develop a solution using their high-resolution imagery. A key consideration of the stand was to make it sustainable, so reusable elements such as graphic panels and wooden flooring were incorporated.

3D fruit graphic elements were added to the walls, along with hooks for tote-bag prizes. A huge wooden canopy with a high-level logo helped to give the stand depth, with a product display nestled into the slats. The bright and colourful graphics helped to create a fun and welcoming space in Lunch! Show.

Downlights were added to enhance the colours of the panel graphics, and a sampling counter and product bin were included for storage. The stand structure was constructed using a modular aluminium framework, which is stable, environmentally friendly and reusable. It can be reconfigured for future shows, providing a cost-effective rental solution for exhibition stands.

As part of our design service, we created a detailed 3D model of the stand in our CAD software. This allowed us to share ideas and get feedback from the 5th Season team.  Final branding and artworking was generated once we received sign-off, which we then use to create final stand visuals.

We pre-built the project in our facility enabling the team to see the stand before the show and develop a show-day strategy. The stand was installed at Lunch! Show in ExCel successfully, and to our usual high standard, and handed over to our very happy client. We look forward to exhibiting with the team again.