Unleash the Power of Your Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand: A Guide to Exhibition Success πŸ’ͺ

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So, you’ve booked a shell scheme exhibition stand for your next trade show. Fantastic! But a basic shell scheme can leave your stand looking, well, a little basic. Fear not, with a few tweaks and clever additions, you can transform your stand from plain to “wow” and truly maximise your exhibition success.

Here’s our simple guide to help you unleash the hidden potential of your shell scheme with some easy tweaks.

Food Doctor Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand
Freeist Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand Lunch Show

Backdrop Bliss

First impressions count, so make your backwall visually impactful with bold graphics. Consider our tension fabric frame system for a cost-effective option, or for a more premium and modular space, our Aluvision structure offers a sleek and versatile solution. Adding colourful and striking graphics to your shell scheme exhibition stand will go a long way to making the most of your space.

Flooring Finesse

Shell scheme exhibition stand packages often come with basic carpeting. Take your stand to the next level with a flooring upgrade. Vinyl flooring or higher quality carpet adds a touch of sophistication, while wood or concrete effects are ideal for food sampling due to their easy cleaning. For technology-focused stands, opt for carpets to create a more comfortable experience underfoot, especially in demonstration areas.

Rude Health Body Power Shell Scheme Stand

Furnish for Function

Welcome counters are essential, providing a focal point for engagement and space for branding. Create a relaxing environment for informal meetings with a seating area featuring a variety of furniture. Showcase your products effectively with shelving units.

Fun and Games

Interactive elements are a sure-fire way to attract attention to your shell scheme exhibition stand and keep visitors engaged with your brand. Physical games with lights, sounds, and movement add a playful touch, while digital games can be implemented on iPads or touchscreen podiums. A simple way to bring engagement into your stand is through a digital quiz game with data capture and a prize for the highest score. For an easy physical game, spinning wheels are very popular at shows.

The Finishing Touches

Don’t underestimate the power of props. Plants and other decorative elements add a touch of personality and help to create a welcoming atmosphere. Stand furniture such as refrigeration can all be customised with graphics, helping to further push your brand presence on your shell scheme exhibition stand.

By following these simple tips, you can transform your shell scheme into a powerful exhibition tool that attracts visitors, generates leads, and leaves a lasting impression.

Remember, a well-designed stand is an investment in your exhibition success!

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