A Feature-Packed Stand for Garic at Speedy Live Expo 2024 👷

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand

At Graphic Mill, we’re passionate about helping businesses create impactful bespoke exhibition stands that capture attention. Our recent collaboration with the brilliant team at Garic for the Speedy Live Expo is a prime example of what can be achieved within an island space.

This 64sqm stand made the most its footprint, offering a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.

Here are some of the key design elements that made Garic’s exhibition stand a success.

Illuminated elements

Eye-catching logos and illuminated counters drew visitors in, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Gift Bag
Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Canopy

Bespoke Graphics

Bespoke and freestanding framed graphics offered a flexible display option, allowing Garic to showcase their products and services in an effective way.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand Wooden Displays

Interactive Engagement

An interactive quiz game tested visitors knowledge of Garic and their industry and further solidified brand engagement. It encouraged clients to spend time on the stand, allowing the Garic team to build meaningful connections.

A large freestanding touchscreen display allowed for a full presentation of Garic’s products and services.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand Touchscreen

Natural Touches

Wooden canopies added a welcoming and natural aesthetic, while a living wall feature provided a unique and warm feel to the space.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand Planter

Strong Presence

The impressive 4m x 3m ceiling box ensured Garic’s stand dominated the show floor, maximising brand visibility across the Speedy Live Expo. Featuring bold double-sided graphics, the ceiling box could be seen across the hall. Lights were mounted to the top of the box to provide strong illumination across the stand.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand Ceiling Box

Closing Thoughts

Working with the Garic team for the design and build of their exhibition stand at Speedy Live Expo was a real pleasure. Their vision and collaborative spirit made the design and build process seamless. The team were incredibly happy with the outcome, and we’re thrilled to see the positive impact it has had on their brand awareness.

Garic Speedy Expo 2024 Exhibition Stand Happy Team

A huge thank you to the Garic team for being such fantastic clients. We thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with you on your bespoke exhibition stand!

If you’d like to hear more about how Graphic Mill can build you a stand and help to elevate your brand from the crowd, get in touch to start a discussion and request a free design proposal.

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